Learn to make a Flat Knot in Macramé

A simple tutorial on how to make a flat knot in 4 minutes

Here I teach you at no cost to weave your first flat knot, let yourself fall in love with this beautiful art.

I reconnected with knitting almost by accident and started knitting with no pretensions other than finding something out of my routine that really inspired me.

With the idea in mind of sharing my emotions impregnated in each fabric, I am excited to share with you today this video where I teach you how to make a flat knot easily.

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I want this tutorial to be a starting point for you, as other tutorials were for me at the time.

Knitting is more than intertwining threads, it is feeling a caress in your fingers with each knot and a warmth in the heart for a job done by you and by hand.

It all starts with the first knot, what do you say, do you sign up? ? Do not miss this opportunity.

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