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Merino wool

decoration of your home

5 April, 2022 June 10th, 2022 No Comments

Being so immersed in the design and decoration of spaces with unique and handmade pieces, we are going to bring ideas and tips that we will share so that you can decorate your home, if you want to do it with our products we will be happy ❤️, we are not going to lie to you? !

The important thing is that your home has spaces to enjoy where you will have the best memories, your life is a story, can you make it epic and memorable?

With the arrival of summer, our home turns bright and cheerful colors, it is the best occasion to show off flowers and plants that hang from hanging planters, you can imagine, raw white cotton cords that come out of the ceiling forming figures that give a rustic touch. and bohemian to your stay

Tapestries and dreamcatchers that give life to your walls, with unique designs in macramé and Spanish merino wool, bring out your most boho style, another name for style and bohemian
Feel your home as a form of expression of your life, now in these dates in which we are going to spend more time in these rooms, do you want the decoration of your home to fill your life with joy?